What Are the Restrictions for Food Businesses Using Mobile Apps in York County, SC?

A mobile food establishment consists of a soup kitchen and one or more mobile food units, both of which must be allowed separately. South Carolina home food producers must keep all animals, including pets, out of the food production area. The only business entities that must apply to the Office of the Secretary of State are commercial corporations, not-for-profit corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and limited liability companies. The Institute of Justice's Food Freedom Initiative provides a variety of resources for home bakers and other entrepreneurs in the food sector.

To submit an application for a food retail establishment, download and complete a 26% permit document (DHEC 176) and email it to the local Office of Public Health and Food Safety. Additionally, South Carolina prohibits “all domestic activities in the kitchen while food production is being processed at home.” A business license is needed for tax purposes, but people who work in their own kitchens don't need a food establishment permit. York County does not require a business license, however businesses located or operating within municipal boundaries may be required to pay an annual licensing fee. The Office of the Secretary of State only maintains a record of the legal names of business entities that are organized under the laws of South Carolina or that have authority to transact business in the state.

Additionally, York County does not require DBA (Doing Business As) information, but some banks or other institutions may require this presentation to open a business account or receive money. This movement towards healthy eating and responsible sourcing is part of a wider trend as consumers are increasingly interested in knowing where their food comes from and who makes it. To help businesses of all sizes grow and remain sustainable, York County offers a variety of resources and stories that highlight thriving businesses and communities.