Starting a Food Business in York County, SC: Regulations and Guidelines

York County, South Carolina does not require a business license, but businesses located or operating within municipal boundaries may need to pay an annual fee. The Procurement Department is responsible for coordinating, purchasing, and contracting procedures for the county. The South Carolina Home Food Production Legislation (HBFP) Guidance Document was created to provide clear and consistent information about the law to domestic food producers, helping them comply with the law and provide safe, quality food to consumers. The Office of the Secretary of State only maintains a record of the legal names of business entities that are organized under the laws of South Carolina or that have authority to transact business in the state.

Homemade foods cannot be served or used as an ingredient in a retail food establishment without a variation approved by the DHEC, but they can be sold packaged and labeled at retail food establishments. York County does not require information about DBA (Doing Business As), but some banks or other institutions may require this presentation to open a business account or receive money.

Food Producers

who wish to sell food under the South Carolina Home Food Production Act must adhere to the guidelines set forth in South Carolina Code of Laws 44-1-1143. Home-based food companies are people who prepare non-potentially hazardous foods, as described in this guidance document. Commercial corporations, not-for-profit corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and limited liability companies are the only business entities that must apply to the Office of the Secretary of State.

The Office evaluates and evaluates residential, commercial, agricultural, and vacant properties in York County for ad valuem taxes in accordance with the guidelines of the South Carolina Code of Laws, South Carolina Department of Revenue rules, and York County ordinances. Retail stores must clearly post a sign stating that food products of domestic origin are not subject to commercial food regulations. All businesses must submit a personal property declaration form no later than April 30th or 120 days after the close of their business year. Plus, you'll find stories that highlight thriving businesses and communities across York County.

Below you'll find answers to frequently asked questions and links to the many resources available in York County that allow innovative and productive businesses of all sizes to grow and remain sustainable. The difference is required to indicate how the consumer will be informed, as required by law, that the food or ingredient used in a food served was prepared at home.