Starting a Food Business in York County, SC: What You Need to Know

Starting a food business in York County, SC can be a great way to make a living and provide quality products to the local community. But before you get started, it's important to understand the regulations and requirements that come with running a food business in the area. York County does not require a business license; however, businesses that are located or operate within municipal boundaries are often required to pay an annual licensing fee. Home-food companies must properly label all of their food products, in accordance with federal laws and regulations.

Retail stores must clearly post a sign stating that food products of domestic origin are not subject to commercial food regulations. You cannot sell to a food retail establishment or sell your products at a retail food establishment (this includes permitted mobile food units).These establishments include, among others, restaurants, delicatessen stores, coffee shops, catering operations, ice cream shops, school canteens. Home-made foods cannot be served or used as an ingredient in a retail food establishment (restaurant) without a variation approved by the DHEC, but they can be sold packaged and labeled at retail food establishments. The difference is required to indicate how the consumer will be informed, as required by law, that the food or ingredient used in a food being served was prepared at home. Food producers who wish to sell food under the South Carolina Home Food Production Act must follow the guidelines set forth in South Carolina Code of Laws 44-1-1143. York County does not require DBA (Doing Business As) information, but some banks or other institutions do require this presentation to open a business account or receive money. The South Carolina (SC) Home Food Production Act (HBFP) guidance document was developed to provide clear and consistent information about the law to domestic food producers to help them comply with the law and provide safe, quality food to South Carolina consumers.

No food retail establishment permit is required as long as all food production takes place in the home kitchen. These are great if your food business is growing beyond the limitations of your home kitchen and comfort food laws. Plus, you'll find stories that highlight thriving businesses and communities across York County. With the right resources and knowledge of local regulations, you can start your own successful food business in York County.